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Welcome to Stars On Suspense, presenting legends of Hollywood in "radio's outstanding theater of thrills." For twenty years, Suspense presented some of the greatest mysteries and thrillers on radio - legendary plays like "Sorry, Wrong Number," "The Hitch-Hiker," and "The House in Cypress Canyon." During its long radio run, Suspense attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood to its microphones to play the hunter and the hunted, heroes and villains, and victims and killers. 

Each week, tune in for a new podcast episode spotlighting a star of stage, screen, or radio in old time radio mysteries that are "well calculated to keep you in Suspense!"

Happy Birthday, William Holden

Apr 17, 2021

The down-on-his-luck scriptwriter who enters into a doomed romance with a faded star; the cynical POW who reigns as king of a German camp; the aging television executive who watches his era fade away as he desperately tries to cling to his job - and a beautiful young woman: Oscar and Emmy-winner William Holden (April 17, 1918 - November 16, 1981) brought these roles and more to life over the course of his career. A handsome leading man who could play complicated characters and reluctant heroes, Holden was one of the best actors of old Hollywood.

Holden made four starring turns on Suspense. He lent his voice to a murder mystery, a wartime drama, a "ripped from the headlines" cautionary tale, and a rare science fiction story.

"Blood on the Trumpet" - In his first appearance, Holden stars as a New Orleans jazz musician who plans to run off with a beautiful woman he meets in a French Quarter nightclub. But soon his wife is dead, and Holden is being stalked by a mysterious stranger. (11/9/50)

"Report on the Jolly Death Riders" - Holden plays a cop who presents the facts on (and dangers of) joy-riding hot rodders. He's on the case after one race claims the life of an innocent bystander. (8/27/51)

"Needle in the Haystack" - In this Korean War drama, Holden and the crew of a Navy minesweeper attempt to clear a path into a harbor. He's put ashore on a mission to gather intelligence and ensure safe passage for the fleet. (11/9/53)

"The Outer Limit" - A rare 50s sci-fi story from "Suspense," thiss tory from Graham Doar casts Holden as a test pilot whose experimental aircraft vanishes...only to return hours later. The pilot has a scary story of an alien encounter as well as a warning that may mean the survival of Earth. (2/15/54)